What is Avantis Global?

Avantis Global Technologies is a self-digital investment platform for global investor that will redefine the world for Investment Inclusion.

Robo Assistant

(Robot tells, You trade) Avantis Global-Robo Assistant is crafty developed for Active Investors who prefer to trade on their own. Avantis will help them watch market, alert an important market’s movement and make sure that they won’t miss any investment opportunities!

Robo Advisor

(You tell, Robot trades) Avantis Global-Robo Advisor is attentively developed for semi-Passive Investors who find difficulty to trade on their own, just tell the robot what they want. Then the robot will automatically trade on their behalf.

Why Avantis Global?


Allows you to conduct every investment transaction conveniently on your own at any time and anywhere through Avantis, Personal Investment Assistant.

Smoothly perform every step through digital channels. Since opening an account to everyday trading, 24 hours.


Offers cost-effective alternatives, whether the money transfer fee or any other transaction fees.

You can be confident that you will always receive the best and worthwhile investment inclusion services.


Specifies safety standards at all steps, such as setting a PIN code to log-in, access and confirm before placing the order.

Check your movements in real-time online 24 hours, so you can be assured that your investment transactions are safe with Avantis.

Apply Avantis Global

Supporting documents for opening an account

Account opening

Money Transfer

Avantis Convenience

Quick and Convenient Money Transfer

Best Money Exchange Rate

No Minimum Deposit

High Security with Blockchain Technology


Self-Transaction, 24 hours

Reasonably Fee

Fee & Charges

Avantis Global Robo Assistant

Subscription Fee
Commission Fee

Avantis Global Robo Advisor

Commission Fee
Management Fee
Performance Fee